Useful Tools

Some useful tools and guidance using NASA's Black Marble Products

Download Black Marble Tile Grid Shapefile

Python scripts to read, convert (GeoTiff), and display (QGIS) VNP46 files. If you do not have GDAL install, you can use the QGIS python console (Plugins -> Python Console) to run the script.

Download the source code to convert NASA's Black Marble HDF5 product to GeoTiff HERE and HDF4 product to GeoTiff HERE

Below are some details on using the tool

Location of the input folder containing HDF images


Current script only reads the first file (if there are multiple files in the input folder).The rasterFiles[ ] index can be modified to select one specific file, or iterate through all files within the input folder

hdflayer = gdal.Open(rasterFiles[0], gdal.GA_ReadOnly)

Reading specfic raster layer - GetSubDatasets()[0][0] for first layer, GetSubDatasets()[1][0] for second layer, and so on


Location of the folder for output images

outputFolder = "C:\\OutputFolder\\"

Display output GeoTiff image in QGIS (Only if the script is executed within QGIS python Console)

iface.addRasterLayer(outputRaster, outputNameFinal)